Bed Side Stool

MHE-805 Bed Side Stool 12" x 12" x 18" Ht.

Bed Side Locker (Reg.)

MHE-808 Bed Side Locker (Reg.) 12" x 14" x 30" Ht.

Bed Side trolly

MHE-806 Bed Side trolly 12" x 16" x 30" Ht.

Bed Side Screen

MHE-809 Bed Side Screen

Bed Side Locker (Delux)

MHE-807 Bed Side Locker(Delux) 18" x 44" x 36" Ht.

Mattress with Pilow

MHE-810 Mattress with Pilow

Attendant Bed

MHE-811 Attendant Bed

Double Foot Step

MHE-812 Double Foot Step 18" x 15" x 15" Ht.

Single Foot Step

MHE-813 Single Foot Step 9" x 15" x 9" Ht.

Bowl Stand

MHE-814 Bowl Stand

X-ray View Box

MHE-815 X-ray View Box

Side Railing

MHE-818 Side Railing

Cradle Stand

MHE-817 Cradle Stand

Cradle Stand (Bed Attach.)

MHE-818 Cradle Stand Bed Attach.

Oxygen Pressure Gauge

Oxygen Regulator Pressure Gauge

Ambu Bag Valve Mask

Ambu Bag Valve Mask

Air Regulator

Air Regulator



Attendant Bed Round

Attendant Bed Round

Auto Stool

Medicine Organiser

Medicine Organiser

O2 Cylinder

Side Railling

Single & Double Step

Suction Machine